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Rob Zombie’s ‘Werewolf Women Of The SS’ Officially Not Happening, ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ Is A “Maybe”

Rob Zombie is certainly a busy dude. He’s currently on tour and he just got done putting the finishing touches on for The Lords of Salem. While the release plans for that film get figured out, it doesn’t sound like he’s in any particular hurry to jump back behind the camera. And while lots of fans have been looking forward to Werewolf Women Of The SS and Tyrannosaurus Rex, they shouldn’t really be holding their breath.

Speaking to ScreenCrush in regard to both projects he said, “Well neither of those are film projects I’m working on, ‘Werewolf Women of the SS’ was just what it was, it was a fake trailer for a Quentin Tarantino movie. That’s all it was ever supposed to be, it was never going to be a full movie. ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ is a script that I wrote, that I have but it’s not planned anytime soon. We finished ‘Lords of Salem’ and I’ll be doing music for the next year and a half within that year in a half maybe we’ll do ‘Tyrannosaurus Rex’ maybe not. I don’t know what the next movie is – we’ll figure that out.

There you have it. Good news if you’re a fan of his music, bad news if you don’t like waiting for movies,



  • Kaname-Tousen

    I really want Tyrannosaurus to happen.

  • pyrepunk

    …And this is why I am not a R. Zombie fan. Instead of giving horror fans something fresh and creative he gives us crappy Halloween remakes which spit on John Carpenter… I love his 100 Corpses film but recently he seems to be going down hill with his work. I am no longer interested in his music because like his films it’s all starting to seem exactly the same and frankly I don’t want another satanic backwoods story, I want to see some nazi soliders revamp some chicks into werewolves who turn on them and fry the suckers 🙂 but unfortunately Zombie is not smart enough to pull it off or either he just knows he couldn’t pull it off correctly, but he is mistaken because with his talent he could give us an amazing Werewolf Women of the SS!

    • pyrepunk

      I truely hope the Lords of Salem film however proves me wrong 🙂

    • Kaname-Tousen

      I love how you contradicted yourself twice.
      1. you pointed out that Rob is doing something very creative with Lords of Salem in you reply
      2. You pointed out how UNcreative the project HE DID drop is.

      • Kaname-Tousen

        Actually 3 times. say you want something creative but then say you don’t want another satanic backwood stories, which aren’t really on the market even with in Rob’s filmography.

  • VeraVoodoo

    I REALLY want all of this to happen! Haha

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