Text-Filled Cannes Sales Art For ‘Sin City 2’ & ‘Machete Kills’

  • Spike0037

    i dont think Clive Owen will be playing Dwight McCarthy. This is the story were he gets full facial reconstruction. Clive can be in the very very end. But they really should get another actor. And they dont have to use Clive’s voice.

  • Evan3

    Ugh, there was a time I loved Rodriguez, and now Im over it. Mel Gibson? Damn, thats even worse than Lindsey Lohan being in the first one. Since when did Rodriguez need to resort to such stunt casting (of course, if Vegara disrobes for this, I will definitely watch it).

    As for Sin City – well, once something tangible comes out, maybe it will reignite my interest. Jolie wasn’t in the first film so I wonder if her inclusion is a typo?

  • BelaManiac

    Super excited for Machete Kills. I loved the first one and Amber and Sofia? Definetly two of my lady crushes.