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Creepy ‘Orphan’ Girl Lands Lead In ‘Suspiria’ Redo

As I continue to try and get Dario Argento’s classic on Blu-ray (why is it so hard?!), Isabelle Fuhrman (pictured inside), who parlayed her starring turn in Orphan into a key supporting role in The Hunger Games, has landed the lead in David Gordon Green’s remake of Suspiria, says Variety.

Argento’s 1977 horror pic followed Suzie, a young girl who travels to Europe to attend a world-renowned school, only to learn that the academy is a front for a coven of witches.

Green is directing from a script he co-wrote with Chris Gebert. Crime Scene Pictures principals Adam Ripp and Rob Paris are producing with Francesco Melzi d’Eril of Memo Films and I Am Love helmer Luca Guadagnino of First Sun.

Production will start in September.

  • Nothing333

    It’s not hard to get on Bluray. It just hasn’t had a domestic release yet. There are copies of the European import on amazon and just need a region free player.

  • djblack1313

    THAT’S why i recognized her in HUNGER GAMES! lol. i remember watching that movie and thinking “i know i’ve seen this girl before” but couldn’t place her. i loved her in ORPHAN and from what i remember of HGAMES she was ok. at least with her in this i’m more interested than i was.

  • WalkingDeadGuy

    She’s a good actress, but I think she’s a little young. I miss the days when 25 year olds would play 16 year olds, heh.

  • viking1983

    god she was terrible in orphan, please stop ruining classics hollywood, suspiria is an all time great

    • sinjin_samhain

      Couldn’t agree more.Every time I see an article or blurb about this re-make going forward another little piece of my Soul withers and dies….

      • EvanDickson

        Then your soul is about to wither and dies some more in about 5 mins…

        • sinjin_samhain


    • I agree suspiria doesn’t need to be remade it can stand on its own to this day!!!

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