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Capullo’s ‘American Vampire’ Variant Cover



Scott Snyder has a big summer ahead of him with the “Night of the Owls”, event and the American Vampire arc, “The Blacklist”. As a way to commemorate the “AV” event, Vertigo is releasing a set of variant covers for each issue of the 5-chapter arc. Yesterday, Vertigo released the first variant from Snyder collaborator and Batman artist, Greg Capullo. In subsequent issues, you’ll see cover work from the amazing group of Dave Johnson, Jock, Francesco Frankavilla and Dustin Ngyuen.

Scott Snyder told CBR, “I say this in total sincerity, but ‘The Blacklist’ truly is my favorite arc so far because it is so at the heart of the whole series with these characters. This is really a giant turning point and it’s extremely emotional. It’s got tons of fun too. ‘The Blacklist’ arc, to sum it up, is really Pearl and Skinner hunting vampires in 1950s Hollywood together. There are going to be a lot of reveals about them as characters. Where has Skinner been? What happened to him? And with Pearl, what has her life been like? What is she thinking about right now? Where is she right now emotionally? And is she going to go over to the dark side or is she going to retain the qualities that we saw in that very first arc? Did that girl that came to Hollywood stay who she is despite the fact that she is a vampire? All of that stuff is going to come to a head in this big massive arc.”


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