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Gary Reed’s ‘Deadworld’ Returns This Summer!

More zombies are heading your way from IDW! Announced today, the publisher will be re-introducing Gary Reed’s classic zombie tale Deadworld as a weekly mini-series beginning every single week of August. The series follows survivors of the zombie plague, but it strays from classic zombie stories in having factions of zombies at war with one another. In addition to the new mini-series, IDW will also be re-releasing “Deadworld Classic” volumes 1 and 2. See more info about the mini-series after the jump.

Official press release from IDW:

San Diego, CA (May 16, 2012) – This August, IDW Publishing is proud to announce the return of original co-creator Gary Reed’s classic zombie series Deadworld! When vicious masses of undead monsters have taken over the planet, desperate humans cling to hope while warring factions of uniquely sinister zombies conspire against each other. Deadworld is a zombie tale unlike any other and a horrific and thrilling world that is decades in the making and unique unto itself.

“It seems like everything with Deadworld over the years is culminating towards this storyline, yet at the same time, it is an opportunity to introduce new readers to the Deadworld saga. That’s why I’m so excited about this series, as it accomplishes both” said co-creator Reed.

Deadworld has seen a number of different formats and volumes over the years, but Reed’s collaboration with artist Sami Makkonen, Deadworld: War of the Dead will be hitting comic shop shelves in a particularly thrilling fashion this August. War of the Dead will be released weekly in every one of August’s five weeks!

Five issues of grim and terrifying zombie action in one month? What could be better?

Oh, that’s right, five issues of Deadworld in horrifying, skull-crushing full-color! For the first time!

As a bonus salvo in IDW’s August Deadworld onslaught, Deadworld Classic Volume 1 and Volume 2 will be offered again; as well as the hit Deadworld: Last Siesta TPB!




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