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Update: Slash Your Way Into The ‘Art House Massacre’ Trailer Premiere!

Updated with revised trailer and new sales art.

From Falcon Productions comes Steve Laurence’s newly titled Art House Massacre, which is set over one hellacious night where Ben Richards races against time searching for his wife before its too late… Bloody has landed an exclusive look at the Cannes sales trailer, along with the newly minted artwork.

With her already strained relationship on the rocks, Liz goes back to modelling after the traumatic experience she shared with boyfriend Ben. With the couple hardly speaking Ben has no idea where Liz is going as she heads out into the darkness to a photo shoot with a strange photographer with a dark and twisted obsession.

During the shoot, Liz realises something is very wrong and as other people arrive at the remote house it begins to dawn on her just how much danger she is in. Ignorance is bliss for Ben, he’s out with his mates when he suddenly receives a panicked call from Liz but she’s quickly cut off… Will Ben be able to find her before the Artists Masterpiece is created?… Or will he arrive to find his girlfriend a victim of the Art House Massacre.

Martin Laurence, Emily Baxter, Ryan Elliott, Rob Maloney, Blasse, Adrian Annis, Uma Dhir all star. Check out more at the official Facebook or website.



  • Horrific

    Not good. Not good at all.

    • Voice-of-Reason

      I quite agree Horrific – the poster and trailer do not do this film justice. I have had the opportunity to view an earlier cut of the film and I was impressed with the quality of cinematography and acting. I hope the final cut is as good and the final publicity reflects this!

  • BabyJaneHudson

    Looks like some solid grade-B acting. Poster seems like a good indication of the film’s (lack of) quality.

    • Voice-of-Reason

      … and have you seen the film BabyJane Hudson – and if so where? Comment on the poster by all means, but you have lost all credibility if you are commenting on a film that you have not even seen!

  • TwentyCamels

    Spoilerific trailer for a turderific film…

    • Voice-of-Reason

      Have you seen the film TwentyCamels – and if so where? You have lost all credibility if you are commenting on a film that you have not even seen. Comment on the trailer by all means…

  • Voice-of-Reason

    Screened at the Empire, Leicester Square for the British Horror Film Festival last month and won Best Feature Film and Best Music. Keep an eye out for it TwentyCamels and BabyJaneHudson 🙂

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