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What’s Your Favorite Line From This New Trailer For ‘Piranhaconda’?

I think my favorite line is, “I can’t believe you just said that!

Last week we brought you the sales trailer for Chopping Mall director Jim Wynorski’s kinda trashy looking Piranhaconda. Now, not only is there another trailer – it also has an air date on the Syfy! American World Pictures will release the film with the tagline “Part Snake! Part Fish! All Killer!” on the Syfy June 16th at 9/8 Central.

The film stars Michael Madsen (Kill Bill), Rachel Hunter and Shandi Finnessey and is about “a low-budget horror movie crew, inept kidnappers, and a reptile expert all on the smorgasbord for a ravenous anaconda/piranha hybrid slithering loose in Hawaii.

Head inside for the trailer, and let me know your favorite line in the comments.



  • bambi_lives8980

    I kinda thought the “Aw just take me” shit was funny, but in an oh my god this shall suck ass way. In the credits though I found it interesting that Tony Randel is the editor, then saw hes been the editor for several of these trash SyFy flicks. Met Wynorski in ’08 I believe and he was really cool. Signed my Chopping Mall poster “Have a nice day!”

  • flesheater24

    LMFAOOOOOO “I found it’s nest of eggs.” LMFAOOO this looks mad funny…

  • elitebuffalo

    That was brutal my friends…

  • davidbleezy

    “Its like an unholy union between a piranha and an anaconda.”
    “You mean a piranhaconda.”

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