Album Artist Aaron Crawford Paints Homage To Chucky - Bloody Disgusting
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Album Artist Aaron Crawford Paints Homage To Chucky



Album artist and Bloody-Disgusting favorite Aaron Crawford has released a limited 50 edition run 13×16 print entitled “Chucky Cheesin'” that pays homage to one of the most iconic movie villains of all time: Chucky! You can check out images of the print below.

Crawford explains his inspiration, “Growing up, and just getting HBO at home and being exposed to countless horror movies for the first time was pretty awesome, but scary. I used to stay up late to see which movies would come on after dark. One night, a movie came on called “Child’s Play” and it scared the shit out of me. I was a kid, and I had a doll VERY similar to the CHUCKY doll, so once I made it all the way through the movie, I told my mom to get rid of it, or hide it, because I was afraid it was going to wake up after I fell asleep, and try to do some sort of incantation ritual on me or something. I’ve since grown up and no longer have dolls. Or a fear of them coming to life to murder me.”

The print can be ordered here. You can also read our exclusive interview with Crawford here.

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