Meet 'The Wicked' Witch In Cannes Sales Trailer! - Bloody Disgusting!

Meet ‘The Wicked’ Witch In Cannes Sales Trailer!

There’s a new Cannes sales trailer for micro-budget supernatural slasher The Wicked, Peteer Winter‘s flick that stars Devon Werkheiser, Justin Deeley, Jess Adams, Diana Hopper, Jackelyn Gauci, Chase Maser and Jamie Kaler, and was written by Michael Vickerman. You can check out the film’s Facebook Page here for more.

The film is, “the story of a witch who lives in a hunted old house in the woods. Legend has it that she survived the witch hunt of the 1700’s. A story passed down from generations, it is believed by the town’s people that if you throw a rock and break her window…The Wicked will get you! The old folklore is revisited when a seven-year old girl turns up missing from her home The rumor around town was that the little girl had broken the witch’s window the night before.

  • peepjerky

    They don’t leave much out of the trailer, do they?

  • scarletsimple

    Glad I didnt watch the trailer…

  • this movie looks absolutely shitty, they show everything in the trailer and it’s all crap!

  • Slinker

    beyond crap !i like the idea of a good scary witch tale…but this is exactly how not to do it

  • i can’t even tell if they are serious