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[OMFG] Help Bring ‘The Twilight Zone’ Pinball Machine To The Digital World!

Those of you who follow me on Twitter know I’m not a huge fan of the way Kickstarter is utilized in the film world – I’m not going to get into it right now, but the short end of the stick is that filmmakers should be offering return donations to charities if their projects are successful, IMO – but it is quite different in various other entertainment industries (music and games, just to name a few). That’s just one reason I’m telling you guys about this opportunity. The other, well, I’m a selfish bastard who wants to play “The Twilight Zone” pinball machine on my iPad.

I recently discovered FarSight Studios on my iPad, who is responsible for brining real pinball machines into the digital world. Pinball Arcade, which carries “Theater of Magic,” “Black Hole,” “Tale of the Arabian Nights” and more, is currently available on a wide variety of platforms: the iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tables, the Kindle Fire, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PS Vita, and Macintosh, with versions coming soon for the PC, Nintendo 3DS, and Nintendo Wii U.

While this past week they unleashed the classic “Funhouse” and epic “Cirqus Voltaire,” the company has set their sights on “The Twilight Zone.” The only issue is licensing, and for them to make the game, they’re going to need to recoup their licensing costs pre-development. I just plopped down $10, and if you too want to play one of the greatest pinball machines of all-time on your devices, click here to pledge. There are also widgets and videos inside.




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