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Liev Schreiber And Olivia Williams Agree To Spend Their ‘Last Days On Mars’

Irish helmer Ruairi Robinson – a renowned commercial director – has just started shooting his first feature film The Last Days on Mars, based on a script by Clive Dawson. Filming will take place in Jordan and at Elstree Studios in the UK.

The film stars Liev Schreiber (Scream 2, X-Men Origins: Wolverine) alongside Olivia Williams (pictured above;The Sixth Sense, Rushmore), Romola Garai (One Day, Atonement), Elias Koteas (Shutter Island, Zodiac), Tom Cullen (Weekend), Goran Kostic (In the Land of Blood and Honey, Taken) and Johnny Harris (Snow White and the Huntsman).

The thriller, which was previously titled The Animators, “follows the story of an astronaut crew on Mars on the verge of a major breakthrough having collected rock specimens that reveal microscopic evidence of life.

In their last hours on the planet, two astronauts go back to a cavernous valley on the surface of Mars to collect further evidence for their discovery, but a routine excavation turns deadly when one of them falls to his death and his body is taken as a host and re-animated by the very life form they sought to discover.



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