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The U.S. Will Get To Head Down A Vampire’s ‘Blind Alley’ Soon!

Blind Alley

Good news! Writer/director Antonio Trashorras’ vampire film Blind Alley will now be headed to the U.S. on VOD in the next few months.

Per Variety, “Phase 4 Films has picked up U.S. distribution rights to horror film “Blind Alley,” the directorial debut of Spanish screenwriter Antonio Trashorras. Pic will bow on VOD on Phase 4’s World Premieres platform by the fall.

In the film (which stars Ana de Armas, Diego Cadavid and Leonor Varela), “In a tiny laundrette hidden down an alleyway, Rosa finds herself trapped, completely isolated and unable to escape the nightmarish situation of being attacked by a serial killer. At the break of dawn and after hours of anguish, immersed in the sadistic game of rat and mouse the killer has subjected her to, the young girl will discover something even more disturbing about the nature of her aggressor.

Blind AlleyBlind Alley



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  • I saw it at Sitges Film Festival last year, and I must say I did suffer.
    But not because of the film, but feeling sorry about the director and his family if they were at the screening, the whole audience was laughing their asses off and people were leaving even before the film was over.

    There aren’t enough bad words to describe how nonsensical the story is and how terrible are the actors.

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