[LOL] Limewire Sued By RIAA For More Money Than Exists In The World's GDP - Bloody Disgusting
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[LOL] Limewire Sued By RIAA For More Money Than Exists In The World’s GDP



Alright RIAA, we get it. You’re pissed that you didn’t rein in illegal downloading when it began and it spiraled out of control faster than a 16-year old who gets invited to a college party. But sometimes your attempts to frighten people become more comedic than intimidating. Case in point: the RIAA is attempting to sue the defunct group responsible for the peer-to-peer software Limewire for 11,000 songs that were identified as being shared via their service. They also claim that they want to be compensated not for each song but rather for each download. The amount they are looking for? A cool $72 TRILLION DOLLARS! According to NME, this is more than the Gross Domestic Product OF THE ENTIRE WORLD! Keep in mind that that the GDP is not the same as actual cash, but it’s one hell of an indicator of just how ridiculous this situation is.

The judge that is presiding over this case has dismissed that number stating that the RIAA is due compensation per song and not per download. The cost for that would amount to $1.65 billion dollars ($150,000 per song x 11,000 songs). While a HUGE markdown from the original $72 trillion, that’s still not pocket change.

What do you think readers? Limewire shutdown in October 2010, so is this even worth pursuing?

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