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TV: Here’s A “Dexter” Season 7 Promo, If You Can Even Call It That

The Seventh Season of “Dexter” starts airing on September 30th at 9pm ET/PT. We know that Ray Stevenson will be playing a Russian gangster and that Jason Gedrick will be playing the manager of a Miami-area gentlemen’s club that becomes linked to a high-profile murder case. And of course now Deb (Jennifer Carpenter) knows Dexter’s a killer – and is in love with him.

That’s about all we know. But this new teaser suggets, “maybe everything is exactly as it should be…” before going on to show you several shocking glimpses of what’s to come doing absolutely nothing. It’s to be expected, the season only started filming this month.

I’m not sure how bad your “Dexter” jones is, but I can guarantee you that there are probably better ways to spend 14 seconds of your time than watching this video.



  • Haven’t finished season 6 yet…thanks for the spoiler warning.

    • goasklucy

      If you haven’t finished earlier seasons, DON’T READ NEWS ABOUT THE SHOW. Is this really so hard to understand? Did Mr. D grab your hand and make you click the link? Spoiler alert: The internet can’t save you from your own stupidity.

      • goasklucy

        I mean… it says SEASON SEVEN in the title. Is it really that hard to understand spoilers are nearly guaranteed in the story? Holy shit.

    • Nothing333

      Guess what you,re too far behind. Spoiler courtesies ended several months ago.

  • Nothing333

    This promo was the absolutely laziest thing ever.

    • EvanDickson

      Indeed it was!

  • Nice bit of dubstep there though!

  • now we are talking..

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