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Eli Roth Crash Lands In ‘The Green Inferno’, Plot Details Revealed!

It was announced a few weeks back that Worldview Entertainment would be teaming with Eli Roth (Cabin Fever, Hostel, Hostel: Part II) to produce and finance the filmmaker’s top secret The Green Inferno.

Roth wrote the script with Guillermo Amoedo based on Roth’s original story, but the logline is being kept under tight wraps. Many speculated it would be a sequel to Ruggero Deodato shocking 1980 classic Cannibal Holocaust.

A Variety report officially confirms The Green Inferno will be a cannibal flick, and breaks the first story details: Apparently inspired by Italo mondo films like Ruggero Deodato’s notorious 1980 Cannibal Holocaust and Antonio Climati’s 1988 Natura contro (also known as The Green Inferno and Cannibal Holocaust II), The Green Inferno follows an idealistic student and a group of naive do-gooders who are captured by cannibalistic Indios after their plane crash lands in the Peruvian jungle.

Roth is set to begin shooting in the fall in Peru and Chili, where he recently starred in and produced the earthquake thriller Aftershock, which is currently in post production. He and Amoedo also wrote the script for that film.




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