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‘Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises’ Brings Back Thusla Doom

Today, Dynamite Entertainment enthusiastically announced the return of Thusla Doom in the pages of “Red Sonja” coming this August. The series is written by Luke Lieberman with art by Max Dunbar, and the team claims that Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises will be the “biggest Thulsa Doom story ever told”. Check out the official details below and the cover for issue #1.

Official press release from Dynamite:

May 30, 2012, Runnemede, NJ – Thulsa Doom makes his return to comic books this August from Dynamite in Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises #1! Written by Luke Lieberman with art by Max Dunbar, this series features fantastic covers by Lucio Parrillo! Be sure to pick up Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises #1 this August!

In August’s Red Sonja: Atlantis Rises #1, Thulsa Doom did not go quietly into the night, his spirit endured, weak and horrible and viscous. Free of all humanity, hungering with a primal desire, all his thoughts were bent on but a single purpose, Thulsa Doom wanted to go Home. When that which sank beneath the waves rises once more, and the Empire of Atlantis remembers its lost glory, can Sonja save the Hyborean nations from slavery and DOOM!

“This is our last chance to pair red Sonja up with Thulsa Doom and he’s going out in style,” says writer Luke Lieberman. “We’re holding nothing back and we’re pulling out all the stops. It is the biggest Thulsa Doom story ever told. There is only one way to top what we have done before, which is to bring it back to the beginning at Atlantis.”



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