New Dead Space 3 Screens Show Off New Enemies, Weapons And Co-op


The steady drip feed of information regarding the highly anticipated Dead Space 3 continues with a slimy Necromorph spanking batch of screenshots that show off the game’s long-rumored co-op, as well as some new suits, weapons and hideous monsters with faces only a mother could love. Well, I love them too, but for entirely different reasons. When I see a Necoromorph’s face I’m overwhelmed with the urge to kiss it, but not with my lips, oh no sir, that’s too unsanitary. I want to kiss them on the face with the dangerous end of my plasma cutter. Ha! Good luck biting me after I’ve strategically dismembered your head from your body! I AM ADAM, TOAST ENTHUSIAST AND SLAYER OF NECROMORPHS. Oh, and check out the screenshots after the jump.

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