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Watch Dracula Beat Down A Giant House Robot In This Debut Trailer For Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2

My undying love for Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is no secret, so the idea of going at it again with a decidedly less likable Gabriel who’s now the owner of an intensely creepy castle and some crazy badass vampiric powers is an exciting one. In case you were planning on playing Lords of Shadow, this trailer will spoil everything about that game’s ending. Though really, if you haven’t beaten the first game yet, you deserve to have it spoiled. Head past the jump for the sexy new trailer, complete with fiery whips and huge house robots.

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  • Trioxin83

    Oh hell yes!!! Got goosebumps! Who’s the guy with the white hair? Please tell me it was Alucard, and if it was how the hell is this going to play out?

  • it is Alucard, the website i believe states as much. which, if you get into it, i guess would be his son who is the main character in LOS:mirrors of fate . i may be wrong…. but i hope to hell im not. i totally busted a virtual nut watching this trailer.

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