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Joel Kinnaman Says ‘RoboCop’ Remake Will Be A “New Story Within The Old One”

MGM’s RoboCop is accumulating a surprisingly good supporting cast with Gary Oldman (Dracula, The Dark Knight Rises) confirmed for role as “Norton” and Rebecca Hall (The Town) and Gael Garcia Bernal (Y Tu Mama Tambien) rumored for other parts. But there’s still been a lot of speculation about the tone and plotline of the film, something the new RoboCop himself (Joel Kinnaman) tried to clear up in a recent interview. It sounds like this will have a much different storyline (but a similar tone?).

Speakin to Collider he said, “It can be completely opposite. That’s how you can break new ground by rethinking something that’s already been done. José has a completely different take on this than Verhoeven had, and with all respect, everybody that’s involved in this movie loved the original and we have a lot of respect for it. We’re going to have a lot of throwbacks and there’s going to be a lot of fun stuff for the fans of the first movie. It’s a new story within the old one.

Jose Padilha is directing the film, which is being produced by Strike Entertainment’s Marc Abraham and Eric Newman. The production starts shooting in Toronto in September and has a tentative release date of August 9, 2013.




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