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E3 2012: Heavy Rain Dev Announces ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ With A Stunning Debut Trailer

The makers of the fantastic cinematic thriller Heavy Rain have been hard at work on a secret game that was unveiled at E3 earlier today. It’s called Beyond: Two Souls, and don’t let its awful title fool you–this game looks incredible. It’s a psychological action thriller starring a young woman who has rather remarkable powers given to her by an invisible entity. You can see the trailer, filled with lots of gorgeous gameplay, after the break. Oh, and before you ask, yes, this time it is Ellen Page.

Beyond: Two Souls doesn’t have a release date, but is a PS3 exclusive.

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  • AfterTheAsylum

    This is the game to beat. Quantic Dream has proven amazing feats, like Team ICO, and I think this game is going to put all others to shame… like, mom-walking-in-with-a-thumb-in-your-ass-and-one-in-your-mouth (TJ) sort of shame.

    • BurnTheBlueSky

      That’s my kind of shame.

      • Adam Dodd

        Mmm, now that’s some good shame.

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