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E3 2012: There Sure Is A Lot Going On In This ‘Resident Evil 6’ Trailer

With each new trailer I see for Resident Evil 6 I find it just a little more difficult to maintain my already very loose grasp on the game’s plot. I suppose it’s par for the course when you have three separate campaigns with their own characters and stories that are woven together, crossing over and under one another in a delicate balance of characters, plots, stories and backstories. There’s also the newly dubbed Neo-Umbrella, which could be the name of the terrorist organization that’s causing such a ruckus, but seriously–less quick cuts and maybe could you also slow things down for those of us who are currently eating your dust as you speed away on your fancy, rooftop-jumping motorcycle, Capcom? I’m not asking much, just a 20 to 30 minute video describing in detail, and preferably very slowly, just what the fuck is going on. Resident Evil 6 is a busy game, but if busy makes your joystick happy you should check it out after the break.

In related news, Xbox 360 owners will be getting their DLC before everyone else, so that’s nice–that is, unless you’re planning on getting this for the PC or PS3. Resident Evil 6 releases on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on October 2.

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