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E3 2012: This Jaw-Dropping ‘Watch Dogs’ Trailer Will Hack Your Mind And Make It Explode

This game came out of nowhere, but it’s already one of the most interesting announcements to come out of E3 so far. In a sea of sequels, Watch Dogs is a brand new IP that takes a fanciful look at the blackout of 2003. According to this game, the cause of the blackout was one man, who you will control, and who has a vast network of computers with which he can use to hack pretty much any and every electronic device around him, from cars and cell phones to bridges and traffic lights. Oh, and did I mention this game is gorgeous? It’ll give The Last of Us a run for its money. Head past the break for some gameplay, just make sure you have some drop cloth on the floor around you for when your mind explodes.

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