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[BD Selects] An Undead Battle In Second ‘Exit Humanity’ Clipage

On DVD and VOD platforms June 19 from Bloody Disgusting Selects is John Geddes’ post-apocalyptic Exit Humanity, which portrays a young man’s struggle to survive in the aftermath of an undead outbreak during the American Civil War. Heavily inspired by classic films such as Jeremiah Johnson and The Outlaw Josey Wales, Exit Humanity is a poetic tale told through the journal entries of its protagonist Edward Young.

The Canadian feature blends live-action and animation to explore deeper themes of fear, hope, redemption, and evil. We’ve added a second clip, this time hoping to fend off the undead with fire.

Starring horror icons Bill Moseley (Devil’s Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses), Dee Wallace (E.T., Cujo), Stephen McHattie (Pontypool, The Watchmen, 300), and new horror hero Mark Gibson, Exit Humanity is a zombie saga that tells the tale of the ultimate battle of good vs. evil. Brian Cox provides narration.

How does a man deal with the loss of everything meaningful in his life, and the loss of mankind’s humanity amongst chaos and despair? Set in 1870’s Tennessee, Exit Humanity is the legend of Edward Young’s horrific and dramatic journey through an unexplainable outbreak of the walking dead to lay to rest the most important thing in his life, his son’s ashes. The bleak post-Civil War era backdrop highlights the severe divide that the United States was facing, and the true loss of hope that so many felt during this period in history.



  • djblack1313

    i watched this a couple of days ago and i thought it was pretty good! it’s not action heavy. it’s unique (like THE DEAD was). plus it has Dee Wallace in it! pretty good flick!

  • Jhanse3 (Jhanse29)

    @djblack1313 glad to hear you liked this. I plan on checking it out. Love a good zombie show but they are few and far between and so many crap ones that pop up all of the time.

  • Moses-Fears

    At first when i saw that it was selected from bloody disgusting i thought i was going to be another crap movie but after watching it, it turns out to be pretty damn good. I love this movie and i recommend it.

  • Allen Dusk

    This looks good. Will have to rent it when I get the chance.

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