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E3 2012: Deep Silver Announces ‘Dead Island: Riptide’

Deep Silver has just unveiled the next entry in their popular post-apocalyptic zombie franchise and it’s called Dead Island: Riptide. Techland will again be handling development of the game, which will release on consoles and PC. Not much else was revealed other than a tease of a more extensive reveal that will come later this summer. Check out the full press release after the jump and let me know what you’d like to see from this sequel.

Deep Silver Announces “Dead Island™ Riptide”

Best-selling zombie horror franchise walks again

LARKSPUR, CA – JUNE 6, 2012 Deep Silver today announced the development of a new entry to the Dead Island™ franchise.

The next battle between life and death will be waged in Dead Island Riptide and is currently in full development by Techland for consoles & PCs. An extensive reveal of its’ thrilling new perils is planned for later this summer.

For more information, visit one of the following official Dead Island portals:
Official website:

About Deep Silver
Deep Silver develops and publishes interactive games for all platforms, seeking to deliver top-quality products that provide immersive game experiences driven by the desires of the gaming community. The company has published more than 100 games worldwide since 2003 including the #1 best-selling zombie action thriller, Dead Island™. Deep Silver, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Koch Media, GmbH. For more information, please visit

About Techland
Techland is a leading Polish developer, publisher and distributor of PC and console games since 1991. Its proprietary Chrome Engine 5 technology is among the world’s most advanced game engines, with full X360, PC and PlayStation®3 system compatibility. With a staff of nearly 200 specialists in two development offices in Wroclaw and Warsaw, Techland is committed to delivering top-quality titles for worldwide markets. Currently the company is working on several high-profile titles for consoles and PCs.

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  • AfterTheAsylum

    Zombie sharks and monkeys. Not enough zombie animals in games. I want to run from an outbreak in a zoo. Elephants, lions. I want horror. I would also like an over-the-shoulder camera, a night mechanic, more longevity to my breakable weapons, better driving… I think an important thing is to be allowed to have multiple side quests activated. It was annoying to have to go and return to go back out again. I want to be allowed to put up the missing posters around town while I am doing other quests. It just wastes a lot of time.

    • BurnTheBlueSky

      Those are some damn good wants. I want weapon breakableness to make more sense. A crowbar should last the entire game. A steel baseball bat, a piece of galvanized pipe with a valve on it. These things should last a lot longer. I was really hoping for the sequel to be massive. Something like, a massively long game where you travel the country trying to survive. Also how about some more likeable characters that actually mean something to me.

    • Adam Dodd

      I am all for zombie sharks, so long as they have laser beams attached to their heads, and I also want the monkeys to fling infected poo at you.

  • undertaker78

    This is one of my favorite games and cannot wait for the sequel. Infected animals would definitely be cool.

  • Miikesmama

    Since when is ONE GAME a “franchise”? Just sayin..

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