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E3 2012: New Survival Horror Game ‘Sacrilegium’ Revealed, Immediately Wins Award For Least Catchy Video Game Title

Earlier today Poland-based developer Reality Pump Studios unveiled Sacrilegium, a brand new survival horror game that’s in development for all major platforms. This is a big departure from the studio’s past work, which includes the new RPG series Two Worlds. I have some screenshots and a synopsis for the game waiting for you after the break, but you’ll have to earn it. I want you to say Sacrilegium five times fast without messing up, no cheating, I’ll know if you cheat, before you can read the synopsis. Now put those tongues to work, people!

If you’re reading this that means you either did what I asked or you cheated. I’m proud of half of you, I’ll leave it up to you to guess which half. Here’s the synopsis:

The story is about Alex, a 20-year Californian – smart, friendly and independent. She’s a college student that while fully aware of her breathtaking beauty, she never is looking to use it to her advantage. Keeping in shape with combat and self-defense training, she’s honed specific martial art skills that will come to her aid during her perilous journey through the province of “Sacrilegium”. Being the adventurous type, she jumps head first into a maelstrom of events, descending with her friends into a world beyond the known reality. The complex and multifaceted action drives the young heroine half around the globe, from the foggy banks of San Francisco to the remotest corners of Europe.

Sacrilegium later this year for the PC, PS3, 360 and Mac.




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