Michael Berryman Opens Up 'Self Storage' Of Terror - Bloody Disgusting!

Michael Berryman Opens Up ‘Self Storage’ Of Terror

The Woodhaven Production Company has attached Michael Berryman (The Lords of Salem, The Hills Have Eyes, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, Star Trek) to its next feature horror film, Self Storage. Berryman will join Jonathan Silverman (Weekend at Bernie’s, Inkubus) in the cast.

‘Self Storage’ tells the story of Jake, the night watchman working at a highly secured self-storage facility. His pals are home from college and looking to party. Jake (played by Tom DeNucci) decides to invite them to his work and throw a fiesta of his own. Innocent mischief turns a naughty night of sex, drugs and rock & roll into an evening of pure terror. Barbed wire fences are meant to keep people out, but these fences keep people in.

The film is being produced by Verdi, Gino Pereira and Tom DeNucci, with DeNucci directing and Michelle Verdi handling the music supervision.

Producer Chad A. Verdi stated,”We are currently in the final stages of signing an Oscar-nominated actor to play opposite Berryman.