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Marshall Amps Releasing Official Marshall Refrigerator

Is your jam spot not hip enough for those lovely groupies that you bring back after playing at Joe’s Bar & Grill? Do you need musical inspiration even when grabbing a cold beer or some leftovers out of the fridge? Well, Marshall Amplification has the answer for you: the official Marshall Mini-Fridge! Complete with an official Marshall logo, knobs that go to 11 (sigh…), and supposedly made from with “classic Marshall parts”, this mini-fridge will be perfect for storing your 30-pack of Pabst Blue Ribbon.

While prices aren’t out yet, you can register for information on final pricing including shipping here. Check out the photos and let me know if you’d rock one of those bad boys in your practice space.

Got any thoughts/questions/concerns for Jonny B.? Shoot him a message on Twitter!



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