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DC Giveth And DC Taketh Away

As we announced last week, DC will be launching a whole bunch of #0 issues, and four new titles in September. DC has now announced the first cancelation, as well as some revivals! “Captain Atom”, currently written by J.T. Krull, will be canceled, not surprisingly so as it dodged the axe on the last round of cancelations. However, also DC plans to bring back certain characters in the pages of “DC Universe Presents”. “Blackhawks”, “Hawk and Dove”, “Mister Terrific” and fan favorite “O.M.A.C” will see light of day again In DC Universe Presents #0 this September.

Bloody Monday UPDATE: DC has also canceled “Ressurection Man” and “Voodoo”

It’s really nice to see that DiDio is sticking to his word, and that DC is not completely giving up on these characters. The sales on above mentioned solo books were not so hot, but they still have a loyal fan base who deserve the chance to continue reading their favorite heroes. Whether or not these characters will continue to be seen in the pages of “DC Universe Presents” is still unknown. Guess we’ll have to wait until October solicits.

“Captain Atom”, on the other hand, has received much critical praise, but unfortunately didn’t reach the sales DC had hoped for. “Captain Atom” will be going out in September with its #0 issue.



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