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Preview: ‘Valen The Outcast’ #7

Valen The Outcast has been the best surprise of the year so far. When the series began, none of here at BD did thought it possible for it to be at the top of our reading list every month, yet here it is. It’s an original, funny, dark, and daring take on the horror fantasy genre and Nelson and Scalera are owning it.

WRITTEN BY: Michael Alan Nelson
ART BY: Matteo Scalera
RELEASE: June 13
PRICE: $3.99

After surviving a harrowing journey across the treacherous Silent Sea, Valen Brand and his companions have finally reached Wraithendal, the kingdom of Korrus Null. But before Valen can exact revenge, he must first face off against the necromancer’s favorite new pet…his undead bride, Darleanna Brand!

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