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[Contest] Win All Sorts Of Awesome Linkin Park Swag!

Oh yes, we’ve got another contest lined up for you readers! This time we’re giving away a Linkin Park prize pack that includes a ton of swag from their upcoming album Living Things, which comes out June 26th. The album was co-produced by Rick Rubin (Metallica, Slayer, Nine Inch Nails) and Mike Shinoda. You can find all the prize details and entry requirements below.

Linkin Park will be hitting the road on the 2012 Honda Civic tour with co-headliner Incubus and supporting coming from Mutemath. You can find tour dates and ticket information here.

Grand Prize:
x1 Autographed copy of Living Things
x1 Signature Rob Bourdan Vader drumsticks
x1 Linkin Park T-Shirt
x1 One year membership to Linkin Park Underground (Members receive early entrance to Linkin Park shows, chances for Meet & Greets, access to concert pre-sale tickets and best seats, exclusive music, live video chats with band members and much more.)
Also included are some Linkin Park stickers and buttons

Contest Rules:
1) Contest open to US and Canadian residents only
2) Contest will end July 9th
3) No purchase necessary

How To Enter:
Simply leave a comment with your favorite Linkin Park song below and you’re entered! The winner will be notified via Bloody-Disgusting private message, so make sure to keep an eye out after July 9th to see if you’re the lucky winner!

Linkin Park has also partnered with Spotify to release a set of “Best Of” live compilations to correspond with each of their albums. Each release contains some of the band’s favorite performances from around the world and are available for listening now here.

On Monday, June 25th, fans of the band will be able to see a special one-night event when Linkin Park takes over their movie theaters! Select theaters around the country will be showing Linkin Park’s June 5th concert in Berlin, Germany along with a special introduction from the band. All information can be found here.

Want to win $5,000? Linkin Park is giving you the chance by creating your own music video for their latest single “Burn It Down”. Fans can take footage from the official video if they choose but the band is looking for creativity more than re-edits. The winning video will be premiered globally on MTV and the director will win a cool $5,000. All details can be found here.

Linkin Park and Formula One have teamed up to release an iPad app entitled “Linkin Park GP”. The app allows iPad users to drive a Lotus E20 and interact with a 360° environment to create a remix of “Burn It Down”. You can snag the app here.

Got any thoughts/questions/concerns for Jonny B.? Shoot him a message on Twitter!



  • Daddy-the-Baddy

    one step closer. Was the first song I heard when they first came out. How can anybody NOT want to jump when they hear the opening of that? Besides the video has flying warrior monks. Fuck yea !!

    • Priscilla Castro

      “Some Where I belong” has to be my most favorite song. It’s amazing how the lyrics describe perfectly how I feel and Linkin Park songs really help me get through my dark phase I’m going through right now in my life. Thank you, Linkin Park 🙂

    • Stephen Richardson

      In the end was my first and now my favorite song by you guys and the reanimation to that song was pure genius!!!!!! You guys are forever awesome and I can’t wait to listen to the new album 🙂

    • Brittany

      This is a very hard choice for me. Linkin Park has helped me through so many hard times in my life. If it wasn’t for their music then I would of made the worst decision in my life. What I’ve Done is my top right now. It gets to me everytime and not only that it’s the Transformer Theme song for the first movie! I am a huge Transformers nerd. <3

    • Kathleen

      Waiting for the end, especially the video. Also Papercut, THe Catalyst and so many others!

    • Leave Out All The Rest! It calms me down and has a lot of meaning to it! 😀

  • ylecil

    My Favorite Linkin Park song is Somewhere I belong just so awesome ….. Bloody Disgusting rules

  • Mayday

    I love so many, but Given Up is just such a powerful song. Pumps me up for anything.

  • maikgianino

    To me are like 10 Songs, but now my favourite Song is:
    The Catalyst from A Thousand Suns.

    Greetings and thanks for this chance.

  • my favorite linkin park song is waiting for the end

  • vervebot

    A good tie between BLEED IT OUT and BREAKING THE HABIT and PUSHING ME AWAY :p

  • purplestar33

    Soooo hard to choose but i’m going to go with ….Bleed It Out.

  • Breaking the Habit 😀

  • The song that got me through some very bad bad moments and I consider it the All Time favourite is: From the Inside.

  • kameiko

    I really enjoyed No Roads Left as my favorite song.

  • Samm55

    my favorite linkin park song is “Numb” it was the first song i ever heard by them and i instantly fell in love with their music.

  • ksosebee

    My favorite is In The End. I love Linkin Park so picking one song is hard, but I’ll go with that one!

  • Unfair!!!!

    but still one song would be “Wretches and Kings”.. Somehow I feel connected to the song!!

  • CarinErin

    Well, the song that will always have a special place in my heart is “Crawling.” It’s the song that got me into Linkin Park, and thus was the beginning of me broadening my musical horizons. So I’ll forever love that song for not only introducing me to Linkin Park, but opening up a whole new world of music for me.

  • jmadero97

    My favorite song is definitely Waiting for The End. Its such a strong, meaningful song. Definitely one of the best they have made 🙂

  • PhongPham

    My favorite song is obviously Numb! I listened to this back in 2006.

    I bought Hybrid Theory two days after and Minutes to Midnight the year after. Just simply amazing! I’ve been a fan for six years and I’m proud.

  • Victoria

    Shadow of the Day is my personal favourite, I can never get bored of listening to it and believing it.

  • This is a hard one. High voltage, step up, one step closer. So many. I’m going to have to say its tied for My December and Easier 2 Run. Those songs got me through my best friends suicide. Even today when I hear My December I think of him. For that reason alone, my december for the win.

  • ‘Bleed it out’ – Minutes to Midnight

  • Honestly, my favorite Linkin Park song would be “Burning in the Skies”. When I first heard it, it made me realize how truly different and diverse ATS was and how grateful I should be towards LP’s experimentation. It turned out great!

  • Reading My Eyes <3

  • sibj5

    why couldn’t it have been favorite album! But my favorite song would have to be Bleed it out! c;

  • My favorite song is The Messsenger, the last song on their fourth studio album, A Thousand Suns. I got the lyrics “When life leaves us blind, love keeps us kind” tattooed on my arm from the chorus because when life left me blind and I had nowhere else to run, love for this band and their music and lyrics saved my life.

  • tallie_tee

    This is tough. There are like so many Linkin Park songs I love, but I gotta say my fav. one is Leave Out All the Rest. The music video, the emotions, lyrics and just everything about it. It’s so calming.

  • My favourite Linkin Park song is With You 😀

  • Somewhere I Belong! I’m stoked that this album is going to be released on my birthday!

  • I’d have to say hands held high, numb, a place for my head, h! Vltg3, wretches and kings, and burn it down. Sorry couldn’t choose just one so I chose one from each main album

  • supportbeaches

    Somewhere I Belong is my favorite.

  • Pure_imPULSE

    The Catalyst – A Thousand Sun (high energy and pulse pounding)

  • Awesome contest! I’ve been waiting on this new album. Favorite Linkin Park song is “Numb”.

  • numb is my favorite linkin park song <3

  • beckmky

    Waiting for the end. This songs lyrics really hit home with me and I could easily relate to them. It gives me an uplift everytime I hear it and it never gets old. Place for my head is another one because I used it as my baseball walk out song in college.

  • numb is my favorite linkin park song

  • “Forgotten”… That was the jam way back when!

  • Leave out all the rest!

  • Thinking about an older song it would be “Numb” but Newer it would have to be “Burn it Down”.

  • ponderjrotc

    High Voltage. First song I’ve ever heard! Been an LP fan since I was born! Proud to admit to being one of the biggest LP fans in the south. This would be an awesome 16th birthday gift for me in three weeks! LINKIN FOR LIFE!!!

  • dont even know.. Lies greed misery? It sounds freakin amazing live

  • There are so many good ones!! New Divide for sure.

  • m_pico

    Leave Out All The Rest, not only my favorite song by Linkin Park, but also my fvorite song out of all songs by anybody.

  • Jordan McClellan

    Waiting For The End – So many good ones to choose from but I gotta say this one is my all time fav

  • From The Inside. Underrated song, actually.

  • ShoulderDevil

    My favorite song from my all-time favorite band is Wretches and Kings!!!

  • catspawjls

    Faint is my all time favorite, followed by Iridescent. ^_^

  • My most played song is Breaking the Habit so it’s definitely my favourite ^^

  • Bubbles26

    Iridescent is my favorite song from them! Keep up the hit’s LP! Can’t wait for the new album!

  • KRWLNG is my favorite! >:3

  • o10becca

    Although I love all their new music, I have to go with Numb being my favorite song.

  • mrhelmers

    If I have to pick one… “Waiting for the End”

  • The un-remixed version of “My December”… Cheaters voice seems to echo into heartache in that song.

  • Small-Fry

    It is really hard to pick, because all their songs are so good, but I would have to go with Faint! For now at least. It will probably change once the new record comes out! Sounds like it will be an awesome one! New Linkin Park coming June 26th!

  • In Pieces



  • Well, there are a lot of songs to choose from when it comes to Linkin Park, and I do love something different about every song, but when I am asked to choose a favorite song, I am going to have to say One Step Closer, it’s the first Linkin Park song I ever heard, and it’s the song that made me the fan that I am today, 12 years in the making, I have grown along with the band, just as their music has, but One Step Closer will remain my favorite for that reason, along with the reason that the song spoke to me, as their music always does, and always will!


    I absolutely love LP, they’ve got me through some really tough times, so I couldn’t really pick ONE song without feeling like I could have picked any of their others…But if I really had to say, I’d probably choose IN THE END because Mike’s verses are amazing and really spoke to me and helped me to relate to my life… I’m a massive fan who’d LOVE THIS PRIZE!!!! 0:-)

  • MiSS_JaZzYBeAR

    Ahh! What an awesome contest… But truely hard to decide on my favorite LP song since I have so many. Tho I must choose, Breaking the Habit.

  • The Catalyst. They Performed it at the 2010 VMA’s and I instantly fell in love with their music. Little did I know that I was listening to them all along. They are my all-time favorite!



  • My life is permanently entwined with Linkin Park music; they provide the soundtrack to my life. I thank them from the bottom of my heart for how they have enriched my life. My favorite LP song is Breaking the Habit

  • I love Iridescent. it’s so full of raw, incredible emotion. it’s beautiful but strong, a quality i believe most modern bands have lost.

  • LPandA7Xgirl

    I don’t have a favorite LP song, they’re ALL amazing and I pretty much LIVE to listen to them!!! BUT, if you’re making me choose, and I can’t say all of their songs….I guess I’ll just have to say…All of their songs! 😉 I love them too much to choose, sorry!!!!!!! <3<3<3<3<3

  • secretsquirrely

    Fain, msot definitely. Short, sweet and like a bag full of nails to the face.

  • secretsquirrely


  • LinkinShark

    Even though all Linkin Park songs are amazing, I’d have to say Bleed It Out is my favourite! Perfect combo of rock and rap! Keep on rocking guys!

  • My favourite LP song has gotta be Bleed It Out. Epic.

  • My favorite song is The Little Things Give You Away from Minutes to Midnight. 😀

  • MaryKinz

    I don’t really have a favorite song from them because I love all their songs. Like I never heard a song from them that I didn’t like. Buuuut, if I had a song I did have to pick to be my favorite song would Crawling. That was the first song and music video I heard from them when I was 6 haha I fell in love with them from the start. They are truly a amazing and inspiring band<3

  • iridescent <3

  • Munira Davis-Morris

    As a 17-year-old with social anxiety disorder, I have to say that “Crawling” is my favorite Linkin Park song. This song not only describes my symptoms, but whenever I hear it, I don’t feel so alone. I want to thank all the members of Linkin Park for creating uplifting music that inspires me to be brave. Thank You!

  • Sikoticjuan08

    My favorite Linkin Park song is “Bleed it Out” gets me really hype!!

  • jessiejess16

    Me and My brother are obsessed with LP… It is so hard to pick just one song as a favorite, but I will have to choose Somewhere I Belong.

  • BornVillian

    They all have to be my favorite but “Bleed it out” ranks near the top

  • The little things give you away is easily the most beautiful song LP has ever made. It’s definitely my favourite!

  • WizKid459

    Easy, Iridescent hands down. So powerful, lyrics that are so moving. Thank you Linkin Park.

  • Hm…I think my favorite would definitely have to be “Somewhere I Belong”. It just love that song and it means a lot to me. But “Bleed It Out” and “Leave Out All the Rest” definitely come in close second.

  • WildThornberry75

    It’s a hard choice but I would have to go with faint as my all time favorite LP song!

  • “Crawling” all the way!

  • wje

    Plenty of great songs but Numb is my favorite

  • “One Step Closer.” It was the first Linkin Park song I heard in 1999. After that, my music taste changed. I’ve been a huge LP fan since then.

  • skepticmeek

    It’s hard to choose, but I’ll go with Blackout.

  • LPadrian6

    My favorite song of all time has to be “Pushing Me Away” the stripped down live piano version. The emotion felt in Chester’s voice is skin crawling, along side the unforgettable lyrics and impeccable melodies, this song takes the cake for me. LP FOREVER.

  • SecretAsian29

    “A Place For My Head” – That song saved my life more than once.

  • The Catalsyt. The one song that single-handedly shook up both the LP fanbase and detractors. This song took them away from the sound that they were known for and sent a statement that they weren’t sticking to the same old tricks and had a lot more surprises up their sleeves. This song marked a new era of sound and experimentation for the band. As a die-hard fan, it makes me excited to see what the future brings for them.

  • jamelka

    hard choice… “shadow of the day”.

  • I would have to say numb because it can reflect on my life when I was younger.

  • smallpkgtnt

    Ugh! Can’t just choose 1!!! Hybrid Theory – Pushing Me Away, Meteroa – From The Inside, Minutes To Midnight – Valentines Day and A Thousand Suns – Irridecent. But I think one song that has a special life meaning that I could say might be my favorite is “From The Inside”, I have had a difficult time with people in my life disappointing me and this song is always my goto song to get though it! I’ve always said Linkin Park’s music is the soundtrack to my life…ups and downs…the music helps me guide how to get through the pain, sorrow and joy in my life. Sorry think I’m writing down too much but I can’t post my favorite without a meaning why 😉

  • Hands Held High. Because of this verse.
    “My brother had a book he would hold with pride. A little red cover with a broken spine. On the back he hand wrote a quote inside. When the rich rage war its the poor who die.”

  • J-SiN

    One Step CLoser

  • beautifulkaotik

    reall? only one? is that possible? well as hard as this is im goin ol’ school with numb. cant go wrong there. luv luv

  • Kenneth Love

    “The Little Things Give You Away”. Last song on Minutes To Midnight. There aren’t any LP songs that I don’t like, but that one has such a unique structure and builds so well that I don’t hesitate at all to name that as my favorite.

  • ZellStar

    It’d have to be a tie.. between all of them! Asking me to chose my favorite Linkin Park song is equivalent to asking me what my favorite air to breathe is! I love each song for different reasons, but if I were to pick only one, it would have to be Lying From You. Only because it was the one song that introduced me and started my addiction to this band. That could easily change June 26 though.

  • Predator2007

    I would have to say…..”What I’ve Done.”

  • numbrocker

    Numb, hands down. First Linkin Park song I heard and it was the one that got me into the band.

  • My favorite

  • Ashley George

    This is probably the hardest question anyone’s ever asked me. People usually ask me “What’s your favorite Linkin Park song?” and I always reply, “Every single song!Whether it’s demos, singles, songs, videos, just anything, the band is just perfect, that I only listen to their songs, and no other artist.” So I guess it’s finally time to choose which song might be the top song by just 1%, even though I still promise I LOVE all their songs! Well here it goes, the battle goes between Papercut and Lies Greed Misery, I know it’s between the first album and this upcoming album. Papercut is just so catchy, whoever hears it has to start singing it and the lyrics, don’t get me talking about it! I sometimes feel that way, and when I listen to it, it makes me calm. The guitar riffs, drums, vocals, and raps, I do not even know how to explain how perfect this song is <3 On the other hand, Lies Greed Misery, is ALSO such an amazing song! At first I was like, "Woah this sounds totally different" But I could here different elements from all four of the albums, and it was once again perfect. I love how, rap, rock, techno, dubstep-ish music were all combined in this song, with Mike's awesome rapping talent and also Chester's rising action to the screams of "You did it to yourself" I gotta say Linkin Park always seems to impress me with their unbelievable talent! I really cannot wait for Living Things, it's probably going to be the best album! I will also accept Mike Shinoda's challenge and listen to the epic album Living Things on the June 26 2012. Thanks! 🙂

  • My favorite Linkin Park song of all time has to be From the Inside. That song is golden!

  • FreddyKrueger13

    Hands down my favorite Linkin Park song is “In the End”

  • gabe35

    No More Sorrow of Minutes to Midnight is a song of anger and truth. It speaks from the heart and makes you listen and think. That is why No More Sorrow is my favorite song.

  • Walsh79

    I’ve always liked their song Numb. Such a great rock song. I always thought it was a shame it was the last track on the album. It would also be such a great break-up song.

  • Either “With You” or “Wth>You” 😀 Both versions are fantastic!

  • darkness4

    I favorite song is Faint for sure!

  • It is difficult to say which one is my favourite song. I guess Reading My Eyes is the song that I would love to hear live someday and that I always tell people to play, when someone asks me which Linkin Park song to play. At the same time Iridescent is a song that always makes me cry, because it reminds me of the connection we, fans, have to the band and also helps me stay on my feet and believe in myself. 🙂

  • Leave out all the rest

  • Hm… My *favorite* song of LP is usually Numb. I think the song has enthusiasm itself. These days, I’ve also been fascinated in songs like “Hands Held High”, “Iridescent”, “Burn it Down”, “Session”, and many more. But, I guess Numb it is!

  • m_pico

    My newest favorite is LIES GREED MISERY from their next album Living Things

  • alienxphile


  • I like ‘Bleed It Out’. It has so much energy…

  • SessionOneForty

    I’d say LIES GREED MISERY. I love Mike’s verses and Chester’s brutal screaming, topped off with a bad ass tecno influenced music? Best song to date.

  • My favorite song is In Pieces… I doubt I’ll win this. :\

  • Urababy

    My favorite song is Crawling, believe it or not my 8yr is a bigger fan and his favorite is Bleed it out!!!!

  • Eville

    My all time favorite song was Leave Out All the Rest. The only reason I’m highly pulled to that song is because it reminds me of my cousin Michael. He had a lot of problems in his life and he passed away technically alone due to a drunk driving accident. I felt for him and it killed me to learn the news but the song fits him perfectly and what happens to be the only reason why I love it so much.

  • I love What I’ve Done but When They Come For Me recently topped my most played list!!

  • UnmuzzledManiac

    There are so many great songs that it’s hard to choose just one but I would say with where I am in my life these days One Step Closer is may favorite. I can think of a few people that I would love to scream “shut up when I’m talking to you” at.

  • Breaking the Habits is my Favorite . In Reality the first 2 Albums BadA$$ , Love all the Songs . keep on Rocking Guys

  • darkknight02

    Waiting For The End off A Thousand Suns. Not a lot of people know the song, but with what I was going through in my life at the time…it spoke to me. It helped me get through it.

  • Zombie_Jaz

    Hard to choose but it would have to be -Easier To Run (The Lyrics are powerful)

  • YYam

    Iridescent from A Thousand Suns!

  • Mark

    No Roads Left 🙂

  • inatia

    My favorite is ‘In the End’, the song that made me listen to LP and all their albums.
    Hope I can make harder for the judge to choose the winner! lol…remember, ‘in the end, it doesn’t even matter!’

  • Blackbirds.


  • hopchick

    What a hard question! I have a few, but my all-time favorite is Faint.

  • Oh man! What to chose, points of authority, hit the floor, figure.09, blackbirds, in pieces! SOOOOOOO many, I guess just points of authority to chose one 🙂

  • Kmid24

    Well, I really do love them all but my all time favorite is The Catalyst. It’s just so Epic!

  • ChazyCHAZ

    All of their songs are so amazing and brilliant, seems impossible to just chose a single song, but Forgotten is one of the greatest they have, and Iridescent. ^_^

  • From The Inside (Meteora)

  • The Catalyst is my favorite; it captures me everytime and it is THE perfect climax to A Thousand Suns!!

  • In the End

  • firedog93551

    In The End or The Catalyst, like them both equally well.

  • akkaoui11

    Although it is hard to choose a favourite, I’m going to go with Breaking The Habit.

    All the best and good luck to everyone! 🙂


  • LoKiiTa23

    Considering a lot of songs are my favorite, my top one has to be No More Sorrow! It’s on point with everything. I love it! Pretend to Be was also a close second.

  • Hayat Ibrahim

    Ok this is gonna be very very hard. like I’ve LOVED Linkin Park since I was like 3 and my little brother has catches on! he’s even tried searching up Chester on Google Images! This question is like asking me to give reasons why I need to live! EVERY single one of their songs has a meaning, and only extraordinary mortals could make someone who normally doesn’t cry break down into tears! like how it’s pointed out in “Pushing Me Away”: “Everything Falls Apart even the people who never frown eventually break down”, that’s exactly how I have felt with their songs! and I’ve wasted nearly a full tissue box, listening to Hands Held High. that song has such a strong meaning to it. and Iridescent does describe how I feel sometimes. I DO feel cold and lost in desperation, I HAVE built hope, and failure’s all I’ve known. but Linkin Park had taught me to “Remember All The Sadness and Frustration, and LET IT GO!” when I don’t feel myself, Linkin Park always solves my problems. I never forget to bring my iPod into the car to listen to LP. Infact instead of seatbelt first for me, it’s Linkin Park first. THEY are my seatbelt! THEY are keeping me calm all the time with their meaningful songs that stop me from doing things I’ll regret later on, and chester’s voice is very soothing snd calming.This is very hard to choose. I love all their songs! I hope my little brother will carry on my legacy, as he listens to them as often as I do. he already knows all their names!

  • My favorite Linkin Park song of all time is definitely Faint. I have been head-over-heels in love with that masterpiece since 2009. First heard it on the radio on my way home from class and I was instantly hooked. This song was what kickstarted my obsession with the band. Been listening to their stuff on and off since Hybrid Theory but never paid much attention. This song helped change that. Everything about the song is perfect – the vocals, the lyrics, the instrumental, the song structure…everything. And don’t even get me started on how amazing the extended outro is in the live version. I could listen to this song a thousand consecutive times and I will never get tired of it. It is truly one of LP’s best songs to date.

  • I love Crawling, it is powerful

  • jenn18

    Picking just one song is hard, but I’d have to say Iridescent. My favorite lyrics are the chorus of this song. Just simply amazing. =)

  • zachstrl

    I’ve been a Linkin Park fan from the very start!…Remember Xero? I could never pick just one song from my favorite band of all time! But for the sake of this contest I’ll do it! Minutes to Midnight was by far my favorite album by them and next to that is A Thousand Suns. Anyway, my favorite song on MTM would definitely have to be “Hands Held High”. Has anyone ever just sat down and actually tried to decipher the message of this song? Maybe its different to some, but to me it talks about the tragic event of 9/11 and of the fatalities originating from it. It makes me tear up almost every time I hear it. I’d love to win this contest because It’s always been my dream to meet the band that makes astounding music that I grew up listening to with my dad all the time! You guys are truly the best!!…and always will be.

  • AlmaNYC

    My fav is Crawling- love the drums, love the bass, and its just short enough.

  • It used to be The Catalyst but now it’s totally BURN IT DOWN. I cannot wait for the new album!

  • wieselj

    No More Sorrow, followed closely by Lying From You and Waiting for the End. I actually love every single Linkin Park song so it was difficult to name only one as my favorite.

  • linkin_park_lover

    I have so many favorites, but my all time favorite would have to be “Numb”.

  • I honestly don’t have a favorite song because of course I love a lot of them lol. I always change my favorite song for Linkin Park, so right now it is When They Come For Me. It’s such a unique song from them. They haven’t made a song like it. Mike’s rapping is fucking amazing. Chester’s voice is my favorite part about the song because it gets me chills almost every time. I am always just like, wow this is such an amazing song. I really love the drumming and when I went to see them live, I couldn’t wait to hear this song, and of course I was not disappointed. I think the song is better live! It can get the crowd going. Especially Mike’s verse, “trying to catch up motherfucker,” everyone sings that lol. When I saw their Making of ATS video, I saw how crazy this song was when they were making it. Like the whole band is multitasking throughout the song, it’s ridiculous. I love their hard work they put in the song live. When They Come For Me, definitely my favorite song.

  • DragonLord88

    All of them! There isn’t a single song that I skip when listening to an album. But my hands down favorite is Leave Out All The Rest. This is a great anthem for anyone who has bad times in their lives. Absolutely love this song. Want it played at my funeral.

  • MaggieLP

    My favorite Linkin Park song would have to be Crawling or In The End. Those songs got me to love Linkin Park when I was about 10 and I have loved them ever since then.

  • My favorite song is Kings Vretcheas Andes. It’s great. Thank you, that you are doing such a wonderful music.

  • It’s tough to pick one but if I had to, it would probably be “My December.”

  • So many songs to chose from but “Place For My Head” is defiantly my fav. The live mashup with “Bleed it Out” was one of the coolest performances I’ve ever seen. HM- piano version of “Pushing me Away”

  • It is actually really hard to say what my favorite LP song is, but in the end I think it’s “Hi Voltage” the original version off of the Hybrid Theory EP. But I also favor the pre-Linkin Park releases as Xero.

  • SteveDisturbed

    Crawling is my favorite Linkin Park song.
    It was the first song I’ve ever heard from LP and it’s all thanks to my dad’s radio back when i was 5 😀

  • LPfan4lf

    One Step Closer!

  • In The End. First song I knew by Linkin Park and my favorite one since then.

  • Bladez

    Breaking The Habit!

  • My favorite song by Linkin Park? I couldn’t completely decide on a favorite. Every song by Linkin Park speaks to me, and is completely amazing in different ways. What I love about the band is how unique they are; they created an entirely new sound that no one could ever compare with. They combined heavy, gritty guitar with hip-hop, along with a synth/techno like sound, deep, dark, soulful lyricism, angelic singing, and shrill screaming. Linkin Park has been a true inspiration in my life and has impacted me so much.

    If I had to choose a favorite, a song on the top of my list would have to be From The Inside. I love the music in this song; the really sweet, pop sound of the verses, to the gritty, raw melody of the chorus, and the shrill, groundbreaking screams. I also love the meaning and inspiration behind this song, which was losing your trust in someone; being betrayed, or left alone. It is about putting your trust in someone, yet time and time again having to lose that and repair it. I can totally relate to this song; during elementary and middle school, I was teased and bullied. It was so tough, so difficult. I felt so alone and so completely hated by the society I lived in. I didn’t know what to do. I trusted these people to treat me with respect, because they were my peers. But time and time again, they would break me down. I lost my trust in everyone, and it took me awhile to regain that trust in people. Fortunately, I eventually moved on, and now I am a much happier person 🙂

    I really want to win this contest, because meeting Linkin Park would complete my entire life. I would be okay dying the next day, because honestly nothing could ever top that. The entire band has changed my life so immensely, I could not begin to explain. I know I am only one person out of millions who love them, but PLEASE I really want to win. I want to use the year membership of the LPU to finally have a chance to meet them. Thank you 🙂

  • Faint live from Rock Am Ring 2007 is hands down my favorite Linkin Park song. \m/

  • Amal Ibrahim

    Hands Held High is my favourite song! “when the rich wage war, it’s the poor who die” is the best line EVER..

  • Sal619

    I would have to say my favorite song is “No Roads Left.” Such a powerful song, and it describes me perfectly, that’s how real music should be; one that you can connect with.

  • “Somewhere I belong”..great powerful tune with strong lyrics, many people can relate to.

  • EternalBeoulve

    To be honest, all of Linkin Parks songs are my favorite! I really do LOVE them all, so much!
    But, if I had to choose ONE song… Hmm, it’s a REALLY hard choice! Ultimately, I would have to go with In The End. ITE is just an AMAZING song, and I can find myself listening to it ALL day, find myself singing along, and I just LOVE the song very much!

  • avshockey

    My favorite Linkin Park song is Faint. It was the first song I listened to that introduced me to the band. Winning this contest would be priceless because I have not seen Linkin Park live. Linkin Park rocks:).

  • mxbnr

    My favorite song is a tie between Breaking the Habit, and Faint. Both were the only songs I would listen to when I was in 6th grade, until someone let me borrow the full cd. Been listening ever since.

  • LpPhreak17

    Lying From You has always been my personal favorite!!!!!! LP FOREVER!!!

  • Pushing Me Away, especially the live version they played at the Summer Sonic Festival, very emotional and heartfelt.

  • I love them all, but if I had to pick, it would be One Step Closer. It was one of their first songs I had heard, and it was the first song I learned on guitar.

  • Molay12391

    I would say that a nice mellow song would be my December which just helps me relax
    But I’d I wanna be totally pumped I would have to say place for my head is my fav but I have so many favorites.

  • CelestialWolf

    My favorite Linkin Park song is “In The End” <3

  • Numb.

  • Mafia_Princess

    I love so many Linkin Park songs but I’ll go with Papercut. Why because it has everything I love in a song and they sound amazing,I loved the video the words all of it! and I’m a HUGE fan of everything that went on in Reanimation particularly in the end. You gotta love Linkin Park.

  • pranka501

    There are tons of songs that are insane, but my all time favorite is “What I’ve Done”. The music video was also one of the best I have ever seen it even made me like the song itself even more.

  • Fristi182

    My favourite song would be Easier To Run. The song has such powerfull lyrics and and emotionnaly feeling. The way chester and Mike sing the pre-chorus just sounds amazing to me.
    Besides that, back at the time i could really relate myself to this song so this is for sure my favourite song.

  • Nemesis0

    Points of Authority and/or the remix version from Reanimation Pts. Of. Athrty

  • “lI don’t want to be the one the battles always choose,but inside I realize that I’m the one confused….”

  • Oops…Breaking the habit.

  • One step closer to the edge.

  • Alexandra

    Points Of Authority..

    …but it’s reeeally difficult to find only one.. :/

  • I’m going to have to say “Leave Out All the Rest!” When I pre-planned my funeral I listed several songs I want played before & after, but I made sure that “Leave Out All the Rest” will be played during it!

  • betty_108

    It’s a tie between Across the Line (LPU Exclusive), Burning in the Skies, and Papercut..

  • Papercut is my favorite Linkin Park song

  • Its hard to choose a favourite song, but I think mine would be Somewhere I Belong. ^^

  • My favourite Song of Linkin Park is We made it, because i feel connevted to it.

  • My favorite LP song is “Faint”. It has every element of their music that I love — awesome drum & guitar riffs, a cool sample, great rapping as well as singing, an excellent breakdown, and Chester’s amazing scream.

  • RagaMorphin8

    My favorite LP song is “Nobody’s Listening”.

  • Mace-Du

    Favorite song of all time: Faint
    Of this album: Lost in the Echo, Powerless

    Faint brought me into the world of LP. I initially was disappointed by this album but after the 2nd listen I loved it. Too short though, and needs more of some songs and less of others.

  • DDexGaige

    It is truly a difficult choice, but I am going to go with Shadow of the Day.

  • shyGemini

    Oh the horrors of having to choose! But, I’m gonna have to go with “Somewhere I Belong.” That song just hits you right in the gut and you can’t help but get yourself stuck into it.


  • barasami

    My favorite Linkin Park song is “Breaking the Habit”.

  • I think my favorite Linkin Park song is still “One Step Closer”… It was the song that pulled me into the LP fandom and it still resonates strongly.

    Though I also love “Skin to Bone” from Living Things!

  • CoreyJ


  • SheIsntReal

    <3 Crawling in my Skin ^V^

  • rockmom95

    Hard to pick just one favorite but I would have to say Numb. I can really relate to the words…”tired of being what you want me to be.”

  • musicormisery21

    “Papercut.” Hearing this song changed music for me. Both as what I thought music was and what I knew music could be. When I had first heard of the band, MTV (back when they were playing music videos!) was overplaying the hell out of “One Step Closer.” It ended up being one of those, “hear it so much, it grows on you” type of songs. So, when I saw my dad come home with the “Hybrid Theory” CD one day, I decided to steal it and judge the rest of the album without taking my mixed feelings about the single into account. Well, I hit play and… the rest is history. I fell in love within the opening 5 seconds of the song. I loved “Papercut” so much that, for weeks, I literally could not get through the rest of the CD. I played “Papercut” and “Papercut” only until I finally convinced myself that if the first song was so good, the rest of the album couldn’t possible disappoint. I was right–it didn’t disappoint. But, from that moment on, “Papercut” has been untouchable in terms of a favorite song. Too much changed for me with the first listen of it for me to possible consider anything else to be a favorite.

  • alexlinkinpark

    My favorite Linkin Park song is The Catalyst!

  • My favorite Linkin Park song has to be “When They Come For Me”

  • nowheregirlnd

    in pieces.
    I LOVE hearing it live with the stripped down piano intro. I about die everytime I hear it live.

  • Has to currently be Castle Of Glass from the new album. That song is one of the best of their career.

  • tacopwnd

    Has to be Until It Breaks from Living Things, it’s just so badass and gets me pumped up.

  • Minutes to Midnight was the first album I bought with my own money! Been a huge fan since I was tiny. But In Pieces was beautifully put together, still my favorite of all time..

  • tattedgrl

    arg. i cant decide
    paper cut

    fingers x crossed

  • hybridshadow

    Crawling. It has been my favorite for 12 years.

  • Cameron

    Though A Thousand Suns was not one of the albums that most people enjoyed BUT I found it very deep, meaningful and inspiring lyrics. I find “Wretches and Kings” off of this album to be my favorite song of all time. Mario Savio’s words that start off the song are so inspiring. I related it to the band’s new direction they are taking. The band must refuse to follow what the mainstream media/music industry are trying to force them to take. They must be “free” to practice their own music making or they [“the machine]will be prevented from working at all.”

  • Max Brown

    One of the songs that has found its way to being played constantly over and over is “When They Come For Me.” It’s tough to pick from their entire discography but that song resonates with me.

  • Just one? hm… If I had to choose, I’d say “In The End”, because as I listened through the entirety of Hybrid Theory for the first time, it was when I heard Chester sing the bridge that I realized I was going to be listening to these guys for years to come.

    Of course, tastes change with time. My favorites -right now- are a tie between “Burning In The Skies”, “The Catalyst”, “Lost in The Echo” and “Powerless.”


  • “from the inside” its such a heart touching video with lots of meaning. Like all Linkin Park songs this song has the meaning the person who listens gives it. But this video makes u think of the horrid things our world and governments are going through. It also has another side which is of someone in a bad relationship. Many times LP songs helped me vent my frustrations and feel like I was not the only one feeling these.. feelings! (for lack of a better word lol). Mostly this song helped me get through a nasty divorce, lets just say all your songs all the way through “minutes to midnight’ were therapy to me at that time in my life! I am a diehard fan, your lyrics move me and inspire me. All your videos are awesome but I have always been touched more by From the Inside.

  • Waiting For The End

  • I bought living things on iTunes at midnight of release. I love the whole album! You can never go wrong with linkin park. My favorite song on the album is powerless. I could listen to it 24/7!

  • First and the best song ever, Papercut

  • Until It Breaks! One of the best songs on the new album, as well!

  • Hit the floor is still my favorite song.

  • pushing me away piano verion, sounds amazing!

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