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[Exclusive] Mondo Selling ‘The Beyond’ Soundtrack On Limited Edition Vinyl



Considered by many to be one of Lucio Fulci’s greatest films, The Beyond is a classic Italian horror film that has built a strong cult following since it’s release in 1981. Not only recognized for fantastic visuals and gore-filled murder scenes, the film also boasts the music of frequent Fulci collaborator Fabio Frizzi. Unfortunately, there has never been a proper soundtrack release, one that brings the beauty and complexity of the score to life. Until now.

Mondo has announced that tomorrow they will be selling a limited edition vinyl pressing of Frizzi’s classic score. There will only be 1500 copies (1000 on black vinyl, 500 on randomly-inserted blue vinyl). The score was remastered by James Plotkin and the design done by Rob Jones who won a Grammy for his packaging design on The White Stripes‘ “Under Great White Northern Lights” box set. The exact time that these LPs will go on sale is unknown, so it’s best to follow @MondoNews for the precise time of sale.

Mitch Putnam, art director of Mondo, states, “We’ve long been fans of Italian horror soundtracks, and The Beyond is one of the first I can remember latching onto. Frizzi’s work is the perfect backdrop to faces being melted by acid. We tried to treat the pressing with the utmost respect, we hope you enjoy it.”

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