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‘Monsters’ Sequel Heads To A ‘Dark Continent’, Gets New Director & Writer

I’m not sure that it warrants a sequel, considering the first is incredibly bland, yet Gareth Edwards’ Monsters will continue on.

Brent Bonacorso and Jesse Atlas has originally been attached to direct Monsters 2, but now, according to Screen Daily, Tom Green (Misfits) is taking the reins on the newly titled Monsters: Dark Continent.

Jay Basu, who wrote Fast Girls and The Dinosaur Project, penned the new screenplay for Vertigo. The original sequel synopsis went like so: “The tale is set in a walled city, as a “Heart of Darkness” story about two brothers finding each other in a world of monsters. The variety of aliens will differ in the next installment.



  • djblack1313

    cool! i like the first movie but i hope they have the actual creatures in this one more than they were in the original. they were very cool looking.

  • Jerv23325

    Mr. Disgusting,

    Luckily Monsters wasn’t as “incredibly bland” and boring as such fine BD selects offerings like “Yellowbrick Road”. Hello Kettle, meet black.

    I think many will be cautiously looking forward to this.

  • diapers

    I 100% dug the original. Am apprehensive that the original writer and director are not involved in the sequel.

  • Why do you always have to insert your personal opinions in to stories where it is rather inappropriate? It is really immature. And as stated bd selects are hardly golden.

  • bland? fuck you Brad. no one cares what YOU think about it

  • undertaker78

    I thoroughly enjoyed Monsters and am looking forward to a sequel. It’s not your typical horror movie but kept me interested the entire time.

  • stevieeatworld

    Loved Monsters.

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