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‘Mighty Mighty Monsters’ Becoming Animated Horror For Kids

British Columbia-based film production and finance group Bron Studios is launching Bron Animation to develop and produce original kids animated fare for television and films, reports Deadline.

The aim is an “emphasis on absurd comedy with an edgy tone that parents will also enjoy”.

The first project in production is a pair of TV specials based on Mighty Mighty Monsters, the Sean Patrick O’Reilly book series.

The books revolve around a group of classic movie monster kids — Frankenstein, Dracula and Wolfman — who are expelled from monster school and sent to a human immersion program at a “normal” human middle school.” Two hour-long specials are planned.



  • IceNiner

    “Original” material my big, hairy butt. Movie and TV companies sure are lucky that the younger generation can be sold this stuff as “original”! cough (“groovie ghoulies”) cough-cough (“The Drac pac”) and probably two or three others that I’ve forgotten the names of.

  • GrantTheVoiceMazzy

    I vote we just show more Lugosi, Karloff, and Price movies on cartoon network.

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