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[Awesome] The Periodic Table Of Metal



For all you fans of science and elements who just so happen to enjoy the heavier side of music, have I got a treat for you! Below is the Periodic Table Of Metal which, while incomplete, still represents a good chunk of the metal genre, from classic artists such as Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Queen to extremes like Bathory, Deicide, and At The Gates.

I think that were I to put all the elements that make me up, it’d be nearly the whole table. But picking a few, I’d say I’m At, If, Q, RM, An, Nw, Pl, Op, Dt, Sx, Ra, Pa, Mt, and R. Which elements are you?

Gotta give thanks to my friend James for sharing this with me. He is working on a sitcom called Managing. Check out more info here.

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