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Twisted Music Video Of The Week Vol. 38: Family Force 5 “Zombie”

It’s Friday and that means another Twisted Music Video Of The Week! This time we’ve got “Zombie” from Family Force 5, a video that features over 300 extras! The die-hard fans came from far off, one even going so far as to take a 52-hour Greyhound bus ride from Austin, TX to Columbus, OH to be part of the shoot. After the video was done being shot, the fans got to rest before a special private concert/dance party from the band. The song comes off their III.V EP, which you can snag on iTunes. You can check out the video below.

Can I just say how satisfying it is seeing Ohio State fans as zombies? Us Wolverines would never get caught unaware. Go Blue!

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The band is now running a Kickstarter to do another fan-engaged music video for their song “Cray Button”.

Family Force 5 on-line:

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