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Preview: ‘Batman: Earth One’ Graphic Novel

DC Comics recently announced that comic retailers across North America will be participating in “The Dark Knight Rises” Day on July 19th to celebrate the release of the final movie in the Dark Knight Trilogy from Christopher Nolan. On that day you can receive loads of free Batman stuff. But before that Geoff Johns is penning his very own Batman origin tale in Batman: Earth One, as part of another DC initiative to bring original Superman and Batman stories. Everyone knows how Batman got his start but DC is promising a new take on the legend. Check it out below.

WRITTEN BY: Geoff Johns
ART BY: Gary Frank
PRICE: $22.99
RELEASE: July 4th

Watch from the darkest corners of Crime Alley as a young boy is struck by unbelievable tragedy that will forge the greatest crime-fighter to ever stalk the rooftops of Gotham City in BATMAN: EARTH ONE, by writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank.

• From GEOFF JOHNS and GARY FRANK, the acclaimed team behind SUPERMAN: SECRET ORIGIN and the SHAZAM! stories in JUSTICE LEAGUE!
• In the tradition of SUPERMAN: EARTH ONE, this spectacular original graphic novel gives new insight into BRUCE WAYNE’S transformation into BATMAN and his first year as THE DARK KNIGHT.
• In this all new take on the Batman mythos, Bruce Wayne is on the hunt for his parents’ killer. His target? The Mayor of Gotham City!
• Plus, who is Alfred Pennyworth – and why is he so determined to put an end to the Batman?

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