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[Fantasia ’12] Jennifer Lynch To Q+A ‘Despite the Gods’ Drama!

With the Fantasia Film Festival hosting the premiere of Jennifer Lynch’s Chained, it only makes sense for them to also share Penny Vozniak’s Despite the Gods, a documentary on Lynch’s abysmal Hiss, which quietly snuck into Red Box’s across the Nation last October. It’s hard to pinpoint what went wrong, but there were some warning signs last January when it was reported that the flick, starring Mallika Sherawat as snake woman who can take on various forms, was taken away from Lynch in the editing stage. What’s cool about the Fantasia screening is that Lynch will be in attendance. This Q+A should be EPIC.

‘Despite the Gods’ brings us behind the scenes on the set of Lynch’s Bollywood/Hollywood action film about a man-eating snake goddess. Out of her depth shooting on location with an Indian crew and two top Bollywood stars, Lynch turns her production into a vehicle for her own self-actualization, paying no regard to timeline, budget or reality. As the story in front of the camera derails, the story behind the camera explodes.

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