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A Video Game That Uses Sound As A Huge Aspect?! I’m All In!

Alright, this might be straddling the line between music and video games but dammit I want some fun too! And if Adam and TJ get upset, well I’ll just have to challenge them to a roshambo match (don’t tell them but I’m going to wear a cup).

So, on to the story. Whilst browsing through the vast awesomeness that is Kotaku, I happened across an article about a game entitled Candle, a stop-motion survival horror game that has some of the most interesting (and creepy) visuals I’ve seen in a long time. But what really grabbed me was one paragraph from the video description: “The gameplay of Candle focuses on exploring and listening. The audio centric game mechanics reward a careful and thoughtful player whilst punishing those with more rushed approaches.

WhatwhatWHAT?!?! That sounds AMAZING! The last game that I heard of that was based around audio was The City of Metronome, which is, for all intents and purposes, cancelled. So hearing that there is a game where the audio plays such an important and vital role to the core gameplay fills me with all sorts of happy. Check out the visually fascinating trailer below.

What do you think of this game readers? Seem like something you would play?

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