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TV: Learn What Deb Finds Out About “Dexter” In Season 7



Oh man. I used to really like “Dexter” but I’ve been suffering through Season 6 to make sure I’m all caught up so I can cover Season 7 and I have to tell you – even though you probably already know – it’s fairly awful. It’s just treading water, every season has a new “Big Bad” serial killer that invades Miami and it’s all getting a bit ridiculous. Miami even has retired serial killers like the Tooth Fairy living there and playing golf. Miami. Serial killers, old people and the most brutally incompetent police force known to man.

But maybe there’s hope! There are reports that this season veers away from the “Big Bad” setup and we already knew that Deb at least knows about Dex killing Travis. One of the big questions is, “how much will she learn?”

TV Guide asked Producer Sara Colleton that very question and she answered, “Yeah. Obviously this whole season we’re going to have great fun playing with every permutation that can be played between Debra and Dexter in their relationship now that this information has come out. She was on her way to the church at the end of the last season because she had come to realize that she not only loved her foster brother Dexter but she is in love with him. So now what does she do? Does she turn him into the police? Is she repulsed by him? Can she continue to love him? Does she feel an odd relief that finally she understands some fundamental part of him that always felt elusive? Dexter was always elusive and Debra always thought it was because of her, and now she knows it wasn’t about her, it was about him really protecting her.

Head inside to check out another revealing quote. “Dexter” returns Sunday, September 30 at 9 p.m. on Showtime.

Per Colleton, “ There are other complications that will come in because, at the crime scene, Dexter’s blood slide gets found by Lieutenant LaGuerta (Lauren Velez) because he loses it in the chaos that ensues and she immediately recognizes it’s his. The only other time that she had seen this blood slide was in the copy case of the Bay Harbor Butcher. Her dear friend Sergeant Doakes, everyone thought he was the Bay Harbor Butcher, and thought that when he died, the Bay Harbor Butcher died with him. Now, she begins to suspect, “Is the Bay Harbor Butcher still alive and how can I set about proving the innocence of my friend Sergeant Doakes?” That is something that’s a silent thing at the start, but it’s, again, going to be eventually working its way back to Dexter. It’s going to be very interesting to see if she can exonerate him.