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Meet The Psychotic German Known As ‘The Good Neighbour’



We’ve just now scored the trailer and first stills from Stephan Rick’s German thriller The Good Neighbour (Unter Nachbarn), starring Maxim Mehmet, Petra Schmidt-Schaller, Charly Huebner, Helmut Ruehl, Rainer Sellienand and Katharina Heyer.

Starting a new life as a journalist in a city far from home, David appreciates to be warmly welcomed by the neighbor living next door, Robert, a man who proves to be pleasant, yet quite intrusive. The relationship between the two neighbors takes an irreversible turn the night David accidentally kills a young woman. Robert, willing to protect his new friend, pushes him to leave the body and helps hiding the evidence. Nothing shall take away his precious neighbor from him. Not the feeling of guilt. Not the police. And certainly not a woman.


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