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Review: ‘Resident Alien’ #2

“Semi-retired” Dr. Harry Vanderspeigle continues to search for the answers in the latest issue of Resident Alien. While Doc’s original plan was to simply live under the radar until his rescue, his plans suddenly changed when the mayor and the police chief pulled him into a high-stakes murder mystery. He’s recently fallen into the center of the confusion, but it should serve as a good time-killer until he’s finally able to return home; however, someone could inadvertently be starting to notice his… otherworldliness.

WRITTEN BY: Peter Hogan
ART BY: Steve Parkhouse
RELEASE: June 27

The newest installment of “Resident Alien” gives us more insight into Dr. V’s past, one of which lets us take a peek at his home planet. The colors in the flashback panels are especially impressive, with psychedelic combinations of purples, greens, and orange glows. This palette allows the reader to step into the shoes of Dr. V for a moment, as he gazes at the foreboding shadow of a building and probably asks himself, “What am I doing here?”

Stepping back into the present day, Dr. V is actually enjoying his experiences helping the citizens of Patience. He figures that it will be a good way to kill time until he is rescued, and learn about human functionality in the process. However, someone who works closely with the Doc begins to see his face as a blur. Enigmatic, yes, but it could also show a sign of a mysterious, maybe even supernatural, connection. Although one citizen is only slightly suspicious of Dr. Vanderspeigle’s true identity, bigger powers may have discovered a large piece of evidence that the Doc has been hiding.

This issue of “Resident Alien” wasn’t supremely action-packed this time around, but the plot has held strong and managed to keep me wanting to see what happens to our extraterrestrial practitioner. Not every issue can be crammed with action, lest it be overwhelming. Next time, however, I hope that we’ll be in for a wild ride now that the set-up is out of the way.

3.5/5 Skulls

Reviewed by – Kaity McAllister



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