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Metallica Releases Video Of Them Performing In Danish Prison

Metallica has released an official video showing their backstage tuning room jam, meet-and-greet, and “Hell And Black” performance at the Statsfængsel prison in Horsens, Denmark. The prison, built in 1853, used to hold long-term convicts such as convicted murderer Peter Lundin. However, the prison was deemed unfit to hold prisoners any longer in 2006 and was shut down. It now serves as an outdoor entertainment venue. You can watch the video below.

I’m sorry, the buildings are no longer fit to hold prisoners but it’s safe to hold gigantic concerts where the sound systems are shaking and rattling the walls? Yeah, this sounds like a perfect idea… Then again, as Mr. Disgusting put it, sounds like something Dethklok would do, which actually puts this in a more understandable light. Hmm…

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