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Review: ‘B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Exorcism’ #1

“Oh me, oh my” is the first phrase that came to mind upon completion of BPRD Hell on Earth: Exorcism #1. The book is eloquently laid out from start to finish, some surprises where you least expect them, and of course a little demonic action to spice up the mixture. Issue after issue, I am constantly blown away by the BPRD books. Dark Horse is seriously uping their anti on a weekly basis, as this story line comes to head I just don’t know where they will go next!

WRITTEN BY: Mike Mignola and Cameron Stewart
ART BY: Cameron Stewart
RELEASE: June 27th

This issue is off the walls awesome, not only in the content of the story, which has to do with exorcisms if you’ve yet to figure that one out, but also in the fashion in which the story is presented. The book starts off in a time warp making the reader guess what information is relevant, then quickly jumps through time and starts the story anew. Of course nothing “just happens” in this world and the beginning of the story is not only relevant, but essential to the plot, a quick flash back and bam my jaw drops. My extent of knowledge on exorcism is based solely in film, so it was a refreshing take on exorcisms. Comics are a fantastic way to bring old ideas back to the forefront, which is exactly what happens here. The underlying theme of this book has to with the big events of the “Hell on Earth” arc and to put it bluntly: shit is starting to hit the fan. As in past issues many major events are coinciding as “our” world is being tossed by the demonic armada and this issue is no different. The whole event is starting to pick up the pace and soon, all questions of “Hell on Earth” will be answered (hopefully).

Artistically this book wasn’t oozing in the blood and gore area, which is unfortunate because who doesn’t like an absurd amount of intestines being strewn about? It was very excellently drawn though, but I wouldn’t expect any less from any Dark Horse books. As opposed to some BPRD’s in the past this book is not on the sketchy side of the artistic spectrum, clean lines give a realistic feel without the comic attempting to be something it’s not. The demon in this book is very well drawn and I’m excited to see what creatures will be depicted in the next issue. Along the same lines, the colouring is simplistic, given the nature of the book there is a sufficient amount of shadows to give that oh so spooky feel while not being overpowering. Touching back on the demon, colouring job is excellent, it really adds the sort of colour spotting contrast I’ve found often in BPRD comics, and frankly, not enough in other books.

Listen, if you havn’t begun reading the “Hell on Earth” story line your are seriously starting to fall behind. Collect your pennies, beg on the corner, I don’t care but get into your local shop and start powering through these books. You won’t be disappointed.

4/5 Skulls

Reviewed by -GreenBasterd



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