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‘Punisher War Zone’ Is Back Baby!

Earlier this week, Marvel began one of their infamous teaser campaigns, releasing loads and loads of teaser images, keep us all guessing as to what their next big thing would be. This time around, the teasers included pictures of fan-fav heroes like Thor, Wolverine, and Captain America bloodied and bruised, with small text that simply read, “This Is War”. While many were hoping to finally get the Ultron War, today Marvel offered a big clue that, in October, Punisher War Zone will be returning to the Marvel U. See all the pics below.

With the success of Greg Rucka and Marco Chechetto’s current “Punisher” book, it is unsure how this title will fit in. We also have no idea who will be writing, or illustrating the title, but we expect more details will follow at San Diego Comic Con on July 15th.



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