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[Boredom Bytes] A ‘Borderlands’ TV Show, Why You Should Never Date A Jedi, What If Real Life Had DLC?

Let the byte-sized bites of funny continue, because family-sized funny is something you’ll feel guilty about after you’ve gorged yourself on it, but with bite-sized funny it’s all good. Today I’ve gathered a few videos from around this bundle of tubes we call the interwebs, including an immensely exciting teaser for a Borderlands TV show, a couple reasons why you should never, under any circumstances, date a Jedi (lest he unsheathe his meatsaber and ruin your life), and the terrifying realities of real-life DLC. Check them out after the break!

If you have any doubts about how intensely awesome a Borderlands TV series would be, this video will shoot your doubts in the face.

Even a Jedi has needs, needs only another person can fulfill. There’s only so many times you can groom your Wookie before you have to share your Death Star with another person. This poor Jedi actually took time to find himself a girl–time he could’ve spent perfecting his Jedi Hand Trick–and what is his reward? A broken heart, one dead mailman and half a box of cookies, apparently.

This video touches on the more annoying aspects of DLC. If this were real, the first expansion I’d get would be a six pack on my forehead. Why, you ask? Why not?

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