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Full Specs For ‘The Cabin in the Woods’ Blu-ray and DVD Release

If you think you know the story, think again. Experience the film that critics and audiences are raving about when The Cabin In The Woods arrives on Blu-ray Disc (plus Digital Copy), DVD (plus Digital Copy) and On Demand and Pay-Per-View September 18 from Lionsgate. The Cabin In The Woods will also be available on EST September 4, two weeks prior to the Blu-ray, DVD and On Demand release. It was co-written by fan favorites, Joss Whedon (The Avengers, TV’s “Buffy The Vampire Slayer”) and Drew Goddard (Cloverfield) and directed by Goddard.

Both formats come complete with a must-have behind-the-scenes “making of” featurette along with numerous additional featurettes that focus on the make-up, effects, animatronics and more, audio commentary with Writer/Director Drew Goddard and Writer/Producer Joss Whedon and the Wonder-Con Q&A, while the Blu-ray Disc includes the exclusive “It’s Not What You Think: The Cabin In The Woods” Bonus View Mode. The Wonder-Con Q&A will also be available on Digital Download.

The Cabin In The Woods begins as a conventional horror movie then transforms into a genre-bending, mind-blowing experience that cleverly mixes screams with pop-culture wit as the scared teens are revealed to be watched by a group of technicians that control their every move behind the scenes.

A rambunctious group of five college friends steal away for a weekend of debauchery in an isolated country cabin, only to be attacked by horrific supernatural creatures in a night of endless terror and bloodshed. Sound familiar? Just wait. As the teens begin to exhibit standard horror movie behavior, a group of technicians in a control room are scrutinizing, and sometimes even controlling, every move the terrified kids make. With their efforts continually thwarted by the all-powerful eye in the sky, do they have any chance of escape?

Starring Kristen Connolly (The Happening), Chris Hemsworth (The Avengers), Anna Hutchison (TV’s Wendy Wu: Homecoming Warrior), Fran Kranz (The Village), Jesse Williams (TV’s “Grey’s Anatomy”), Richard Jenkins (The Visitor) and Bradley Whitford (TV’s “The West Wing”), The Cabin In The Woods is not like any horror movie you have seen before.

-Audio commentary with Writer/Director Drew Goddard and Writer/Producer Joss Whedon
-“We Are Not Who We Are: Making The Cabin in the Woods” – “making of” documentary
-“The Secret Secret Stash” featurette
-Marty’s Stash
-Hi, My name is Joss and I’ll be your guide
-Wonder-Con Q&A with Joss and Drew
-“An Army of Nightmares: Make-Up & Animatronic Effects” featurette
-“Primal Terror: Visual Effects” featurette
-“It’s Not What You Think: The Cabin in the Woods” Bonus View Mode (Blu-ray Exclusive)



  • Nothing333

    Funny there is no avengers mention on the box.

  • Aaron Emery

    I kinda wish it was a BluRay DVD combo pack. I guess I will probably have to get them both.

  • I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Lots of laughs…lots of horror..and an incredible/intellectual plot. Instant buy.

  • djblack1313

    i don’t buy many dvd’s these days but i will definitely be buying this one! i’m really impressed and happy that us non-Blu-ray owners are getting the same cool bonus features!!

  • BelaManiac

    Been waiting for this to come out. September seems so far away.

  • The Virgin

    FINALLY. Ugh, though. September is too far away for me. I hope it’s still at the cheap theater so I can see it for the 4th time. I’m hoping to see it up to 5 or 7 times to satisfy the long wait. I was also hoping this would be a Blu-ray Combo Pack. However, I’m obsessed enough that I will buy both the DVD and the Blu-ray. It’s definitely worth it.

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