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[SDCC]: Dark Horse Brings On ‘Criminal Macabre’/’30 Days Of Night’ Crossover

Dark Horse is bringing together horror legend Steve Niles’ two most popular series “Criminal Macabre” and “30 Days Of Night” for an epic horror crossover titled Criminal Macabre: Final Night. The cynical Cal McDonald will come face to face with Eben, for a final showdown. Although “30 Days” is published under IDW, the Alaskan vampires are coming into the Dark Horse universe for the first time. You can check out the first teaser below that showcases the famous vamps surrounding the federal agent.

Official Dark Horse press release:

July 3, MILWAUKIE, OR—Dark Horse and IDW team up on this once-in-a-lifetime crossover between the critically acclaimed Criminal Macabre and 30 Days of Night!

Steve Niles’s greatest characters come together in a final showdown, with a thrilling script by Steve Niles and artwork by Christopher Mitten.

Cal McDonald only wanted a beer, but what he got was a jaded federal agent and a story about vampires up in Barrow, Alaska. There’s a new vamp in LA, and he’s hell bent on escalating his attacks. When Mo’Lock’s sometimes ghoul-friend is murdered, Cal’s on the hunt . . . for Eben—the longtime protagonist/antagonist of 30 Days of Night.

Praise for Steve Niles:

“Not only is Niles’ dialogue and pacing the best it has ever been, but Mitten’s art is absolutely paradisiacal by being horrific, high-brow, or low-brow whenever the situation demands it. This is a collaboration seemingly blessed by the comic book gods.”—Comics Bulletin

“Fans of the horror genre really can’t go wrong with [30 Days of Night].”—

For additional information check out the exclusive interview with Steve Niles on Comic Book Resources!

Criminal Macabre: Final Night—The 30 Days of Night Crossover #1 (of 4) is on sale December 12, 2012!



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