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Chuck Palahniuk’s ‘Snuff’ Being Made Into A Movie, Let’s Hire Nicolas Cage To Watch It

Award-Winning French Filmmaker Fabien Martorell (Tromatized: Meet Lloyd Kaufman) is set to adapt and direct Snuff written by NY Times Best seller / cult sensation Chuck Palahniuk (“Fight Club”, “Choke”). Martorell will direct the script that he co-wrote with Golan Ramras. Producers Jean Pierre Magro and Dean O’Toole will finance and produce through their London-based Immortal Transmedia along with Ramras, Martorell and Aperture Entertainment’s Adam Goldworm.

The film is “an R-rated story of love and redemption set in the green room of the world’s biggest gang bang; porn priestess Cassie Wright intends to cap her legendary career by breaking the world record for serial fornication on camera with 600 men. Snuff unfolds from the perspectives of Mr. 72, Mr. 137, and Mr. 600, who await their turn on camera and are each connected to Cassie in strange ways. Like in all of Palahniuk’s twisted tales, nobody is who they seem to be and things are going to get worse before they get better.



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  • flesheater24

    8MM reference in caption? LOL. Snuff was a fuckin amazing book 🙂 hope they don’t make the movie crappy.

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