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[Fantasia ’12] Worship New Imagery From ‘Doomsday Book’

Also screening at this month’s Fantasia Film Festival is the South Korean’s anthology Doomsday Book, which hails from Yim Pil-sung (Hansel and Gretel) and Kim Ji-woon (A Tale of Two Sisters).

We’ve scored two new looks at the anthology film featuring three stories tackling in very different ways as many apocalyptic scenarios.

Be prepared to deal with a zombie invasion, a delicate moral dilemma raised by a robot who’s the reincarnation of Buddha, and a most unusual object that’s about to destroy the planet!

I’m dying to see some imagery from the zombie segement…



  • djblack1313

    this sounds like it could be amazing! i’m definitely interested. 🙂

  • Jasonicus

    Did they have to rip-off the robot design from I, Robot?

  • woodchuck

    Way to call out the elephant in the room, Jasonicus. Exactly what I was thinking. It makes it hard for me to want to learn more about it and be excited when they so blatantly rip off a very recognizable design. Sad thing is, this might very well be a better flick then I Robot but they lose too much cred from plagiarism for to give it a real chance

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