Indie Director Gives 'After Birth' To Demonic Baby - Bloody Disgusting
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Indie Director Gives ‘After Birth’ To Demonic Baby



From director Tara Robinson comes the indie After Birth, described as a filthy, bloody, terrifying journey where a defenseless girl must fight for survival against her hungry, flesh-eating, demonic baby.

When the beautiful Bethany finds herself homeless, she takes up residence in an old, condemned building, not knowing it’s already occupied by an evil beyond her worst nightmare that wastes no time in impregnating her. But the violent birth she endures is just the beginning of the gruesome battle she must fight against the hungry newborn with a taste for human flesh.

After Birth is part creepy ghost story, part bloody monster movie, and all wholesome, disgusting fun!

from DangerBotch Films, Nicola Fiore stars. Thanks to Avery for the heads up.


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